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In Syntonize, we facilitate the creation of value in the digital products that we design and develop. We are a technology company emerged from experts in digital transformation.

We harmonize strategic thinking, creativity, usability, technology and design with tailor-made digital solutions. We focus on talent and work in multidisciplinary teams that are devoted to deliver high-quality dedicated services; with trust and honesty. Do you have a powerful idea?

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A team of super generous people help us to make this possible:

Ignacio Tejerina
Founder & UK | Ireland Content Manager

Lucia Siniga
Argentina Strategy Content Manager

Juan Carlos Baena
Spain Strategy Content Manager

Design & Product Owner


These days of #socialdistancing, a huge number of online proposals are emerging as a result of the super generosity of many.

This is a project that aims to unify all initiatives and give visibility to all this content produced live from musicians, teachers, experts, creatives, comedians among others. And of course, our mission is to make you these days less dull!

You can collaborate by adding new events. Feel free to contact us at


Take care of yourself and your family and stay home.